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Founded in 2016, Sunbeam holds the unique portfolio of two wheelers, which play a major role in providing mobility solutions. Sunbeam’s mission is to continuously explore new ways to make public and cargo transportation easier and affordable, helping Tanzanian commuters and infrastructure.

Our vision is to provide convenient, fuel-efficient mobility to every customer. We are confident our range of motorbikes will provide each customer with a solution that surpasses their needs and will create a new benchmark within the market for mass mobility.


Hero MotoCorp is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. With over 100 million satisfied customers across the globe, Hero MotoCorp continues to champion socio-economic progress and empowerment through its range of products and services.

Sunbeam Auto Ltd brings to the market the Hero motorcycle and scooter range. Hero’s engineering makes its motorcycle’s fuel efficient, being the best choice for boda-boda drivers.

Yamaha Motor has long been considered as one of the strong contending brands in the motorcycle industry. The Japanese brand is known to produce several products in the field of mobility including recreational vehicles, boats, marine engines, snowmobiles, small tractors, and of course motorcycles.

In Tanzania, it continuous to venture success in the market by offering a wide range of motorcycles, underpinned by safety, quality, reliability and performance, the Yamaha mission is to create exceptional value and experiences that enrich the lives of its Tanzanian customers.

Currently, its lineup is composed of several models ranging from the AG 125, AG 200, YBR 125G, CRUX REV DX, XTZ 125 and many more.